Richard Jacobs
Richard Jacobs


Engagement - Premium 1

Making your messages stick with Experiential Learning

People say “you live and learn”. What if we could change that to “you live, laugh and learn”. Wouldn’t that be more engaging?
In this hour of InterAct, you get to experience the thrill of  immersive learning. Common workplace issues are played out by professional actors. We then rewind to the start and you get to take part… calling out from your seat, side-coaching an actor or replacing one of the characters on stage to try out new ideas. What could we learn from trialling different futures?
You’ll get to see how that learning becomes video, animation and online feeds so that your people’s suggestions become your new organisational culture.
It is said that ‘nobody argues with their own suggestions’. If that’s true, we have to get their suggestions. What better way to do that than through InterAct?
It’s the most fun you can have at a conference with your clothes on.