Christoph Schmaltz
Christoph Schmaltz



Caterpillar gets Beezy


As one of Caterpillar’s most innovative and successful dealers, Zeppelin is primarily active in the construction and maritime industries but also excels in plant engineering for the chemical and food-processing industries. With locations across the globe, ‘operating like a network and thus being successful in the digital era is key for Zeppelin’, according to Ina-Kathrin Richter, Social Collaboration Manager.

The organisation’s intranet had become dated, falling short of collaboration and communication needs. ‘With no social functionality, company communications were reduced to a one-way stream of information’, explained Richter. The company needed a modern, user-friendly alternative and fast.

Beezy is an enterprise productivity solution, which reinvents communication and collaboration. It strengthens relationships with employees through a unified digital workplace hub.

As the most comprehensive enterprise collaboration solution for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, Beezy also connects the dots between Microsoft Office productivity suite, SharePoint Skype for Business, Delve, Office Graph and OneDrive for Business, making them available to Zeppelin.

Early in 2017 Zeppelin ran a pilot to show how Beezy can provide value in connecting and engaging key employees.

  • 60 percent of users accessed Beezy.
  • 45 percent uploaded a profile picture, skills and experience information within their About Us section.
  • The CEO used the system to communicate with the members via blogs and promote the Zeppelin culture of ‘curiosity and openness’.