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Join LumApps for this innovative session:
– Building a complete intranet with 360 communications to break down silos
– Why your intranet needs more than work apps:
– Introducing social features, gamification and a mobile app
Who has benefited from implementing Lumapps?
LumApps has supported international companies from all industries and of all sizes in their digital transformation. Thanks to LumApps, customers such as Veolia, TMX Group, Etam Group, Aboitiz, Norauto, and many more have overcome communication and collaboration challenges. Over the last two years, LumApps has grown internationally and now serves many Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 customers, with offices in Paris, London, New York, Austin, San Francisco and Tokyo.
What makes LumApps different from the other App providers?
LumApps is a complete employee hub and SaaS, the only one on the market to answer both corporate and employees needs. As a social intranet, the platform represents the best of both worlds, by facilitating internal communications, workflow and collaborative communities. With an open structure and an ambitious roadmap, LumApps adapts to companies’ internal systems to provide a perfect fit for brand identity, technical systems and business apps integration.
What challenges did Lumapps overcome?
LumApps helps to overcome many industry pain points. Through this social intranet, companies break down business silos and connect all workers with a digital identity (for instance between headquarters and employees in the field). With its easy intranet administration, management and publication workflow, users don’t need technical skills to contribute (freeing more time for the IT department). Employees connect with peers/collaborators quickly thanks to the User Directory and Communities, for better work collaboration and information sharing. A powerful search makes it easy to find the right information and content across the platform and system database.
What were the results for the client?
Companies using LumApps saw many improvements for their internal communications, employee engagement, overall productivity and some cost savings. Thanks to LumApps, organizations see increased adoption rates for new collaborative applications. The platform’s intuitive design and easy content publishing also encourages more knowledge sharing and internally-driven innovation.
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