18th-19th November 2019 - ETC Venues St Pauls 200 Aldersgate, London

Speaker: Meritxell Guinart Mola


Speaker: Meritxell Guinart Mola


Key information

Product Manager Personal Productivity, Discovery & Insights

When Meritxell Guinart Mola (Meri for short) arrived at Nestlé two years ago, she was part of the team that had the exciting task of developing and launching their new Workplace platform globally to hundreds of thousands of colleagues. Hear how she used a data-driven approach to make the platform relevant for users around the world, from the executive suite to the factories, from California to Japan.

The Agenda

Our agenda will take you into the new world of IC where you can stop managing comms and start helping managers communicate. Prepare for the shift from Internal Communications to Intelligent Communications.





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